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    Background of the Campus


Durgalaxmi MultipleCampus, located at the gateway of Far Western Development Region (SudurpaschimProvince), Godawari Municipality ward no. 2 of Kailali District of Nepal, is oneof the leading educational institutions in the entire Far Western region. It isthe constituent campus of Far-Western University and it is still running theprogrammes of Tribhuvan University as well (TU programmes will exist till thelast batch of masters and bachelors pass out from the campus according MoUbetween Far-Western University and Durgalaxmi Multiple Campus). The campus wasestablished in 2063 B.S (2006 A.D.) with the combined effort of localcommunity, representatives of political parties, teachers, students, differentsocial groups/ organizations and other stakeholders of Attariya and peripheralareas. In the initial point, the campus had permission for one faculty inbachelor’s level from TU: Education. In 2064 B.S. the campus got permission torun Management and In 2065 B.S. the campus got permission to run Humanities(B.A.). Recently, the campus is providing education to the students of FarWestern region in B.Ed., B.A., B.B.S., B.B.A. and B. Ed. CSIT in bachelor’slevel and M.Ed. (TESOL, CPL, Health Education and Nepali Education) and M.B.M.in Master’s level. Over six hundred students enroll in the campus annually tostudy different programmes masters and bachelors in different faculties in thiscampus every Year.


Durgalaxmi campus isequipped with required physical infrastructures. The campus is running its allacademic programmes, administration, library and other activities in its ownbuilding. Currently the campus has three-stored single building constructed inabout 1 bigaha of total 6.5 bigaha of land. There is a separate room forlibrary, a store room, an administration room, a teacher-staff room and a mainoffice room for campus chief out of total 27 rooms. The building is covered byconcrete wall and wire-fence for security. There is a main gate in the frontside. The campus has a separate building for toilet for girls, boys, teachersand staff with sufficient water supply. The campus has facility of puredrinking water and sanitation system. At the south corner of the campusbuilding there is a tube well for alternative drinking water supply to entirecampus. The campus premises include play ground for volley ball, football andbadminton. Similarly, the campus has maintained greenery through tree andflower plantation around campus premises.